The stirplate was my first beer related projects where I wanted to create my own electronic stir plate. The first version was a simple design based on a potentiometer, but a friend suggested that I could use a microcontroller and a pwm fan in order to get better performance. So this project was born. It has not really been updated in a while but let me know if this is of interrest.



This was my third project after GravityMon, the intention here was to measure the pressure in a fermenter. In this project i started to use 3D printing in order to get all the parts I needed. After some testing of analog sensors I decided to go for a digital sensor which was rather difficult to find and was quite costly. I managed to get a working prototype but the lack of good services to integrate with has put this on hold for now. I plan to get this project activated again when time permits.


Fermentrack Docker

Fermentrack is built by Thorrak and is an excellet tool for controlling your brews and keeping track of fermentation. Check out the project!

I have done a few minor contributions to the project but I also maintain a standalone docker image that can run on a NAS (like my Synology NAS). I created this project long before fermentrack as docker based. There is no changes to the code, the only difference is that my project is only one container. It's publised on docker hub under my handle mpse2. Github Docker


In order to speed up development of new projects I created a framework that I can use as a base for future projects. It contains the basic features such as Configuration, WebServer, Logging, Wifi, OTA and Push functions.



My latest project is a version of the Plato scale for my Keezer. Its starting to mature and Im currently doing long term testing on stability and pour detection. There are lots of projects out there that implement this type of solution based on the HX711 and Load cells. However I recognized that is easy to build a project but its rather difficult to get a stable and reliable reading from the cheap load cells. I've probably spent 70% of my time on getting a reliable output that does not fluctuate / drift over time.



This was a request from a user that wanted a simple temperature monitor for his fridge.

This is a scaled down version of GravityMon without the gyro, built on my espframework.


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